Avtech WiFi IP Camera

Avtech WiFi IP Camera

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  • Jul, 26 2020
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Wireless Network Camera
› Easy setup & control via mobile app
› Manage cameras and recordings your way
› Outdoor ready, 24/7 protection
› Quality and efficiency, altogether

Easy and flexible deployment

By offering both wireless and wired internet connection, you can flexibly and easily deploy cameras based on your environment.

Wireless internet connection

Supporting Wifi connection allows you to connect your camera to your local network and configure your cameras with a few clicks.

Wired internet connection

Equipped with a wired internet connection enables you to connect your camera to a network port with the network cable and configure your cameras with a few clicks.

Manage cameras and recordings your way

PC & mobile device support

You can see the live view and manage this camera via your PC / laptop or mobile phone / tablet.
EagleEye for Mobile CMS for PC.

Easy internet setup via mobile app

Wireless internet setup is easy by QR code scan.

Quick camera share with permission

Easily share the camera view via our mobile app, EagleEyes, to allow your family or friends to see with different access permissions on their own mobile devices.

Outdoor ready, 24/7 protection

The durable design enables you to record anytime at any environment.

IP66 rating for waterproofing

The outdoor ready AVTECH AVN2503R comes with internal antenna design has IP66 rating for protection against harsh environments such as heavy rain, as well as IR LEDs which offer 25 meter IR.

Infrared light support for night vision

Featuring infrared light technology allows it to record and provide quality videos anytime anywhere, even at night.

Quality and efficiency, altogether

Having quality video doesn’t mean your system performance and storage efficiency will be sacrificed. AVTECH offers quality and efficiency at the same time.

2MP / HDTV 1080P

Equipped with a 1080 image sensor and a 2MP camera lens, it allows you to enjoy high quality video monitoring and playback experience.


Supporting H.265 reduces bandwidth and storage space required for optimizing data transmission and storage efficiency.

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